PACA threw a Halloween Party full of fun – piñata for the youth, yummy food including  Mike Takahashi’s spam musubi  appetizer and Metropol dessert.   Love and marriage was the inspiration for this fundraiser to help further Basic Rights of Oregon effort to get Marriage Equality on the November, 2014,

ballot.  Over $646 dollars was raised by donations and the silent auction.  The highest bid went to Carmen Urbina’s generous donation to cook a dinner for six.  Thank you, Carmen!  And thank you to the Pavel family for generously winning the bid!

Those who forgot to wear costumes became judges.  Thank you for doing the honors, Remie Calalang, Mike Takahashi, Will Doolittle and Lyn Medill:

Best Family went to the Ralph and Shann Ormsbee family, all dressed to the hilt.

Most Startling went to Susan Pavel who was convinced to come as Johnny Depp’s Tonto and out classed the actor.  Her husband, ChiXapkaid came as the Lon Ranger, of course.

Sexiest went to Chau Nguyen shown here as Flapper Girl with best friend Chris Espinoza.

Most Impressive went to Valter Antonio De Silva, in his royal kingly cloak.

Best Team went to Ardyn Reyes Wolfe and son Zaden ready for a pajama party.

Most Fun went to Andrew Simila.  (pictured with Marshall Collins in costume in the PACA website  cover photo.)

 Please support Marriage Equality.  Call Basic Rights of Oregon to help petition, or throw your own Basic Rights Marriage Equality Fundraiser, individually or as organizations.  The PACA Halloween Party has already led to Andrew and Marshall Collin’s Ugly Sweater Christmas Party for Marriage Equality.  New Years, anyone?