Mauna Kea LogoIf you are in Hawai’i on October 7, what an honor it would be to stand with the indigenous leaders protecting their sacred Mauna from a shameful groundbreaking. This groundbreaking represents desecration, backroom deals which broke protective regulations in place for building on the mountain, and foreign multi-national interests superseding Mother Earth and the will of the people as well as the indigenous people’s primary right to speak for sacred lands. In California, if I understand correctly, we may be joining Chief Sisk with our Mauna shawls on Sacred Mt. Shasta on October 7. Actually anyplace you live, go to that mountain and pray that this desecration will not be built — ground breaking, big plans or not — that it will not, in the end, be built. We are One! – Misa Joo

Taking a stand for Mauna Kea, against mammoth new observatory – SFGate – Jeanne Cooper, Hawaii Insider