Obon volunteers needed!

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Obon volunteers needed!
Please consider helping out at this year’s Festival, Sat. July 25th.  The time spent working a shift will go by quickly and you’ll meet new members.  We need help in the following areas:
Site setup: Show up at Alton Baker site to help set up the Yagura, lanterns and poles, clean-up goose poop, garbage cans, etc. (10 volunteers) about 1.5 hr
Site security: Between the set-up and when people start showing up (11:30-3:30 p.m.) –we need people to watch over the Obon set-up, keeping it safe from theft/ vandalism and chase geese away once the area has been cleaned. You can just bring a book or homework and relax in the sun and shade. (2 volunteers, 1 ea shift: 11:30-1:30 pm/ 1:30pm – 3:30 pm)
JAA table: during the festival, we need someone to accept and handle cash for T-shirt and water bottle sales. (2 volunteers, 1 shift ea: 5-7 pm/ 7-9 pm).
Children’s table: If there is anyone who will volunteer for this, we could have 2 shifts (5-7pm, 7-9pm) of 1-2 people to staff the “sumo” cutout photo prop and the fishing game.
Site take down: Help is needed to take down the Yagura, lanterns and poles. Volunteers might want to bring flashlight or headlamp. (10 volunteers) about 1 hr
If you can help out during any of the above shifts, please contact James at:  james3374@hotmail.com
Also, don’t forget that dance practice is being held Mon. and Tues. until the festival:  6:30p.m. at the UO Longhouse.

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