Bake Sale, November 19 for the Many Nations Longhouse

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Dear friends of JAA,

When JAA began to use the Many Nations Longhouse for all our events, we felt that we should show our appreciation.  We bought and keep a First Aide cabinet supplied for emergencies.  And we help with the NASU bakesales.  In the past we did wonderfully and were appreciated by the young NASU folks.  They have to do fundraisers all year long for their Graduation Mother’s Day Pow Wow.  We even donated children’s books for they young people who come.  Smith Family Book Store collected the books for us.  I am cc’ing Nancy.
We haven’t helped very much the past few years.  But we still do depend on the hospitality of NASU and Gordon Bettles for making mochi for our fundraiser, for Obon practice.  And the past five years or so the students have been so wonderful.  They help at the Eugene Celebration.  They come to the Obon.  They help with the PACA salmon run.  They’ve been great!
So, once again, I’m hoping with the change of leadership, that here will be more people who will help with the Bake Sale, this time, November 19.  You can drop the baked goods at my house 2327 Jefferson Street on the 18th and I can take the goods and drop off in front of the Duck Store on 13th at 10 am or  you can drop off at the Duck Store at 10 am. or sometime that day.
Please help.  It is such a worthy cause because these kids have to raise a lot of money.  UO makes them rent Matthew Knight, the only venue big enough for a pow wow.  They buy Pendleton’s to  honor every graduate, and give a small gift to every mother.   They help with gas and give prize money to dancers and drummers.  AND they have a huge salmon feed on Sunday for all comers — fish donated by Warm Springs Reservation, and cooked traditionally.   The tribes help, but it still is not enough.  It is one of the biggest pow wows of the state.
Please help!  Thank you so much!  Misa

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